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The Amazing History of Beads

For over 5,000 years now beads have been made using glass. The early beads were considered very valuable and important and were often reserved to bury the dead in. In Venice beads date back to Marco Polo. He would return from Asia with beads in tow.
Beads have been used as beautiful pieces of jewelry and to adorn the bodies of ancient people for many years. People have loved beads over the centuries. They are enchanting and beautiful and oftentimes not very expensive at all. Back a long time ago people treasured beads for more of a spiritual value than we do now. In fact the word bead is derived from the word prayer. Ancient people felt that beads had the ability to bring healing and peace to people who adorned themselves in these lovely little treasures.
Beads have also been used to symbolize beauty and power on those who wore them. Beads come in so many classy and elegant arrays it's no wonder that everyone adores them. As far back as the stone ages beads were mostly used as jewelry and adornments although people often used them to trade and for currency as well.
Even though in the old days beads were more used as status symbol, today people wear them more as a way to showcase their own individual personality and tastes. It doesn't matter if you like bright and flashy or natural and simple there is a bead out there to suit your fancy.
If you are bead savvy or simply a bead enthusiast the internet is the best place to find high quality beads at a price that will make you smile. Beading is a very popular hobby these days from one end of the globe to the other. It is relaxing and makes a great way to rewind and keeps your hands busy as well.
Even though many people think that beads were most popular in ancient Egyptian times, they are actually more popular today than ever before. If you like to make candy jewelry you will need a large supply of these colorful trinkets. You can probably spend hours scrolling through the internet pages looking at these dazzling gems. Your choices definitely are not limited when it comes to these fun little wonders and you and the kids can have endless hours of fun crafting neat jewelry for everyone. Find a neat pattern online today and try your hand at beading. It is fairly expensive and loads of fun.

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