Monday, October 15, 2012

Mobile Marketer - Why the Online Future Will Be a Minimalist's Paradise!

Let me throw some quick stats at you: it is estimated that 75% of the world's population have access to a mobile phone - that roughly translates as being a little over 5 billion people. Those are big numbers of mobile users and numbers that the average mobile marketer will no doubt be salivating over. To put it another way, the future of online business is mobile!
Smartphones, tablets and all manner of portable devices are with people on an almost constant basis. Convenience and ease of use only add to the endless business potential that the savvy mobile marketer will want to exploit. Added to this is the growing use of built-in payment systems that are part of the mobile experience; purchases can be made quickly and easily.
Mobile marketing began in the early 2000′s in Europe and Asia, quickly spreading to other parts of the globe. SMS, or text messages, were being used to advertise businesses and products, but the customer reach didn't end there. New developments soon allowed the mobile marketer to incorporate MMS - Multimedia Message Service - in to their marketing strategies. Video content and complex visuals proved to be effective ways to market virally on portable devices. Location based marketing took advantage of Bluetooth technology to target consumers by their locale, serving up advertisements and offers specific to their area.
So how does the average mobile marketer develop an effective strategy to attract potential customers? Put specifically, by focusing on simple and engaging content in their advertising. 'Less is more' is definitely an appropriate mantra that a smart mobile marketer should adhere to. Simplicity and clean design are the order of the day and making a great first impression is key!
Considering that a growing number of mobile users are from the younger demographic, it helps to pitch a marketing campaign that appeals to the way that they think and caters to their trends and online habits. Portable users are more social than ever, choosing to populate sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the ever-growing Pinterest. Information is being sought in visual formats with video content and multimedia options being favoured. All this means that the effective mobile marketer will increasingly need to design and optimize their websites and product pages with 'mobile centric' features. Keeping abreast of technological change and adapting accordingly will be paramount!
The growing use of QR (Quick Response) Codes, those black and white pixelated squares that are appearing on business cards, flyers and in print media, are yet another challenge for the mobile marketer to master. Portable devices can scan the codes, leading the consumer to a variety of websites and special offers.

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