Thursday, November 22, 2012

China, Taiwan, Japan, A Little Island No One In the West Has Ever Heard Of and the USA

Recently, in November of 2012 after President Obama was reelected, he had planned an Asian trip to Myanmar, China, and Japan. This is good considering there has been quite a bit of tension in Asia over the expansion of China's claim to territorial waters. China has forced her will in the oceans off her coasts with Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan. Today, there is still a huge conflict going on over a little island off the coast of Taiwan that Japan claims is theirs, but China also lays claim too.
This is somewhat serious due to how international waters work when it comes to territory. If China is allowed to claim that island as their territory it gives them rights to the surrounding ocean, and limits the rights of Japan which also owns a string of islands considered to be in the same chain. The name of the island hardly matters, and this same scenario has played out previously with China's other neighbors. Perhaps it really is time for an American president to work to negotiate and solve this problem, if that's even possible.
There is an interesting book I own which talks about the US and its relationship with Taiwan and how that could possibly lead to a war with Mainland China. You see, China believes that Taiwan is its territory and that it has a right to it, and it wants it back. China and the PRC will not budge on this; no way, no how. So, it will remain a problem area for US-China relations. This book I have, I'd also like to recommend to you;
"America's Coming War With China - A Collision Course Over Taiwan" by Ted Galen Carpenter, Palgrave MacMillan Publishers (a Division of St. Marten's Press), UK, 2005, 216 pages, ISBN: 1-4039-6841-1.
Now then, the author is a member of the CATO Institute so this isn't some BS agenda book. Although this book was written in 2005, it is still somewhat relevant. It is quite possible that China and Taiwan will both agree on reunification as the two countries become more economically close through trade, and politically close through infiltration into Taiwan's government leadership. In that case it will be a moot point.
Currently, a large number of citizens in Taiwan would be okay with reunification, whereas there are still a good many who don't wish to see that. There is money involved with trade, and the merchant class will have something to say about it. China is also going through its own leadership changes, but I imagine the changing of the old guard for the new guard will increase the political need for reunification on China's side of the fence.

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