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Chicago Police Officer Nail Majid - I urge the Chicago Police Pension Board to reconsider their position before I lose my family and become homeless

Petitioning Chicago Police Department Chicago Police Pension Board and Chicago FOP

I urge the Chicago Police Pension Board to reconsider their position before I lose my family and become homeless

A good example of Felony Status offenses is the one I was accused of. The offense was not having a $200 license for a rifle that I purchased from my immediate Police Supervisor and attended to specialized firearms training school for state and local law enforcement officials to get certified in using my rifle as my backup weapon to defend and protect citizens in my country from drug dealers and hardcore members of several violent criminal organizations. 

My dear friend and partner used the rifle as our backup weapon while on duty. My partner was shot and killed in the line of duty on 17Oct1996 while we served Kankakee City Police Department in Illinois about 50 south of Chicago. 
I kept the rifle in his memory. Following my partner's death, I was assigned as a Special Agent with the Kankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group "KAMEG" DEA Task Force 21. After four years as a Special Agent I transferred to Chicago Police Department. In no time and based on my law enforcement experience i was assigned to the Gangs/Narcotics Street Tactical Unit in the Second District. 

In 2001 I was involved in my first Police shooting where I was forced to use deadly force against a drug dealer. In 2002 I was involved in my second Police Shooting and i was forced once again to use deadly force against two well-known and notorious gang members and drug dealers. During my Second police shooting I sustained life changing injuries. I became disabled and since then was placed on Duty Disability. I could no longer work as a policeman or work any other jobs. 

In 2010, my beloved mother was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer. I am the only son. It was my duty to move to Ohio with my wife and kids and take care of my Mother. During my stay in Ohio, a local policeman with Bazetta Township Police Department let the Federal and FBI to my mother's home. I didn't think much of the incident. I welcomed them into my parent's home. During their visit they discovered my rifle that I used along with my deceased partner about 15years ago collecting duct secured in my office and several other handguns that I used during my service as a policeman. 

Few days later, the feds came with a full fledge signed search warrant and 26 agents from five different federal law enforcement agencies came and served the warrant. They confiscated my rifle because I didn't have a $200 permit. I honestly never knew about it and was never told by any of my law enforcement supervisors that I needed such permit. The only reason I kept the weapon was in memory of my deceased partner. 

I was charged with a felony status offense and the victim to the crime was I. 
The judge urged the prosecutor to lower the charge to a misdemeanor or a fine or drop it. The prosecutor refused the judge's recommendations. 
During that time i was dealing with my ill Mother. My mother passed away in June/2011. I spent everything I saved on my attorney around $64,000.00 
I was broke and in Sep/2011 my beloved Father was diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer. 

I called my Chicago Police FOP president, Officer Shields for advice and help. He promised me to stand on my side and write a letter to the Pension Board to help keep my disability benefits. In Sep/2011 I took the plea. 

The next day I was told the Pension Board forfeited my Disability Pension which is my only income. I take about 26 pills of prescribed medications each day to treat my physical injuries and Post Traumatic Street Disorder. Now I can’t even pay for my medications and physically I don’t know how long I would survive and would definitely become worse physically and psychologically.
 Sincerely, Nail Majid

Nathan Ake

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