Friday, February 12, 2016

David C. Flight, 56, dead after flipping his vehicle while fleeing a previous hit & run accident

The car and the body will both be cremated and buried

An idiotic asshole driver killed in a single-vehicle crash Friday morning in Huntley also is believed to have driven another vehicle that was involved in an earlier crash not far from where the fatality occurred, police said.

The driver, identified as David C. Flight, 56, who lived in an unincorporated area near Gilberts, was killed when the SUV he was driving struck a light standard, went out of control and rolled before coming to a rest near the intersection of Illinois Route 47 and Jim Dahmer Drive in Huntley, police said.

According to a Huntley police news release, the 2002 Honda CR-V was going west on Freeman Road when it went out of control. It came to a rest in the southbound lanes of Route 47, police said. Freeman turns into Jim Dahmer Drive west of Route 47. Police responded to the crash at 4:49 a.m. Flight was the only occupant of the Honda.


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