Thursday, February 18, 2016

Du Page County Jail Inmate Ignatius Pollara claims prison officials lost his Mr Froggy so that should be his get out of jail free card - Sheriff Tom Dart claims that his Cook County Jail has NEVER LOST A MR. FROGGY intheir history of operating

A Florida ex-convict with an extensive history of shoplifting says he should be released from jail in DuPage County because police have apparently misplaced his personal possessions, including his Mr. Froggy plush toy.

Ignatius Pollara, who authorities say has sold more than $1 million in stolen goods, argued in court Thursday that the loss of his property constituted a violation of his due process rights, and that he should be released within 14 days if the items are not returned to him.

DuPage Judge Brian Telander asked prosecutors to try to locate the items but told Pollara that he didn't agree with his legal assessment of the situation.

Pollara has been in DuPage County jail since last July, when, authorities say, he stole two paint brushes and some pencils from a Hobby Lobby store in Lombard. Based on Pollara's criminal history, prosecutors secured a high bond on what would normally be considered a petty theft.


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