Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Germany: Mayor Blames Little Elementary School Girls for Sexually Provoking Middle Eastern Unwashed Camel Jockey Perverts

THE MAYOR of the town of Bad Schlema, a small district in central Germany, recently told community members that prepubescent girls should be “careful about how they dress” so that they don’t sexually provoke non-White “migrant” invaders. Mayor Jens Muller also added that young girls should “take alternative routes to school” in order to avoid the threat of Middle Eastern male pedophiles.

When the grandfather of a school age girl asked about the mayor’s sexual assault prevention program, citing evidence about a massive increase in harassment complaints since the arrival of non-White migrants, Muller gave what was probably the worst answer humanly imaginable:

“That’s easy,” proclaimed Muller. “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.” Apparently, it’s incumbent on elementary school girls to deploy strategies to avoid the lusts and wrath of Semitic child-rapists. Not only did Muller sexualize prepubescent children, but he displaced blame, implying that male “migrants” and their proclivity to rape women and children must be accepted as they are as a permanent part of German life, and that avoiding rape is the children’s problem.


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