Friday, February 12, 2016

Joe Berrios masterminding another candidate swap

As Feds continue their investigation against Joe Berrios - a close friend of Joe plans a big surprise for him due to Joe screwing him on an owed favor!


Chicago’s undisputed "El Hombre Grande," also known as "Super Joe," has masterminded yet another masterpiece.

After stumbling badly in his 2015 efforts to sell Rahm Emanuel in the predominantly Puerto Rican wards on the North Side and backing aldermanic losers in the 31st and 36th wards, Joe Berrios is on the rebound, and as wily and sneaky as ever.

Berrios is the county assessor, the county Democratic Party chairman and the 31st Ward Democratic committeeman. That makes him a powerful man. He can and does put lots of friends and family on the public payroll, but he has been intermittently feuding with state Representative Luis Arroyo (D-2), who represents the Puerto Rican area west of the 31st Ward.

When the City Council created a new Hispanic-majority 36th Ward in 2011, Arroyo staked him claim to the territory, and he was considered likely to be the ward’s alderman in 2015 and the committeeman in 2016. However, Berrios cut a deal that I labeled the "Son Swap." Arroyo’s son, Luis Jr., was given a seat on the Cook County Board in 2014 in exchange for Omar Aquino getting the 36th Ward aldermanic seat in 2015. Aquino I the son of Willie Aquino, who is close to Ray Suarez, the alderman of Berrios’ 31st Ward from 1991 to 2015 and Berrios’ ally.


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