Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Negro Wildebeest Customer Adrian Blanche Swain Unhappy With Haircut 'Goes Back To Shoot Barber Manny Montero'

Does this haircut make my ass look big?

A woman who was angry about her haircut is alleged to have returned to the barbers shortly after and attempted to open fire – only for her gun to jam. 
Adrian Blanche Swain is reported to have walked back into a salon an hour after a trim, brandishing a firearm. 
The incident happened in a San Diego, California, hairdressers – but the weapon malfunctioned and she was forced to the floor. 
Barber Manny Montero said that on Swain’s first visit she had given him a $20 tip on top of her $20 cut which is very unusual for a black person to do. 
The 29-year-old is alleged to have returned with a different haircut, holding the gun and shouting, “Look what you did to my hair!”
“She came in with a bald spot on the side, and I am like, ‘I didn’t do that’,” he told NBC.

She then is alleged to have pointed the gun at the barber, puling the trigger three times – but the gun jammed.
"She had it. She was gonna do it,” said Montero. “For some reason, God was there.”
“[We] grabbed her arm, grabbed the gun. We threw her to the floor and held her until authorities came.”
The incident happened on Wednesday morning at the 619 Barber Shop on the 3900 block of 30th Street, after Swain went to get a trim.
Chris Tatum, another barber in the salon, told NBC that she could have shot three or four people if the gun had worked. 
“Your whole life runs in front of your eyes, so that’s what it did. That’s what happened,” said Montero.
Swain has been arrested and the San Diego Police Department is investigating. 

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