Thursday, February 18, 2016

Now, in what will likely go down as one of the most politically incorrect sets of images in recent memory, wSieci (a conservative Polish magazine) has run a cover story entitled “The Islamic Rape of Europe.” Here are the rather edgy visuals:

Make no mistake, we certainly understand Europe's frustration with what, if the allegations are true, are a series of deplorable attacks and with the ineptitude officials have shown when it comes to tackling the bloc's refugee crisis.

The Crusades were a response to 300 years of Islamic gangs invading coastal European cities, burning them to cinders, murdering the inhabitants and rounding up the rest for slaves, and looting anything that wasn't nailed down.

Their reach was greater than their grasp. Having raced across North Africa and up through the Spanish peninsula into half of France, they didn't develop their new territory into a functional Empire. They inherited all the old Roman urban infrastructure, shipping lanes, commerce routes, etc. which really only required repair and maintenance but they kept focusing on raids and slaving.

They got as far North as England, Ireland, and Iceland by ship which means that they had the ability to be great sailors. Instead of establishing trading posts they still focused on raids and slaving. Something is really missing emotionally. Seriously. Even after the Crusades they continued slave raids with their new besties the Vikings. They seemed to remain trapped in the desert raiding mentality even as the centuries passed.

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