Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shirtless ISLAMIC CAMEL JOCKEY demanded cigarettes, then URINATED on another passenger sparking 'big brawl' on flight to Paris

  • Bizarre incident occurred on board an Air Mediterranee flight from Algiers.
  • Flight attendants overpowered a shirtless man and pinned him down.
  • Man allegedly became upset because he couldn't drink or smoke on board.
  • Plane was flying from Algiers and was forced to divert to Lyon.
  • Shirtless man and a second person were escorted off the plane by police.
  • Passengers arrived at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport three hours late. 

  • A passenger allegedly urinated on another traveller, sparking a massive brawl on board an Air Meditarranee flight, say French media.

  • The plane was flying from the Algerian capital of Algiers to Paris when the mid-air drama unfolded yesterday afternoon, forcing the aircraft to divert to Lyon.

  • Passengers described a scene of chaos as a shirtless man who was allegedly responsible for the bizarre incident was overpowered by crew.

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