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Firewire from THE BLAZEFebruary 18, 2016
Would-Be Robbers Follow 81-Year-Old Woman Home From Grocery Store, Steal Her Purse and Drive Away – They Picked on the ‘Wrong Person’
MOUNT POCONO, Pa. (TheBlaze/AP) -- Police say an 81-year-old Pennsylvania woman chased down robbers who stole her purse, ramming their car with hers and leaving damage that helped officers apprehend them. Alice Makla was sitting her car in her Mount Pocono driveway on Tuesday when she was approached... READ MORE.
Leaked Audio: Kanye West Melts Down, Curses About Taylor Swift Backstage at ‘SNL’
Kanye West allegedly had a meltdown backstage before his performance on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend — and now leaked audio purportedly of the tirade has the Internet buzzing. The clip obtained by Page Six has West initially going off about this stage getting changed before... READ MORE.

Sports columnist and commentator Jason Whitlock wrote a column defending Broncos quarterback and NFL hall of famer, Peyton Manning after New York Daily News columnist and activist Shaun King wrote a piece attacking Manning’s “squeaky-clean” character. The article alleges that Manning sexually assaulted a young woman while attending college... READ MORE.

It was Valentine's Day, and David West did what any upstanding boyfriend would do when his girlfriend didn't have the day off — he visited her at work. So West made his way to the Walgreen's in Bradenton, Florida, where his girlfriend is a pharmacy employee — and... READ MORE.

In the wake of Beyonce's controversial Super Bowl halftime performance of her new song "Formation" — which critics say contains an anti-cop message — police and politicians around the country have been speaking out against it. But the criticism could be manifesting itself in practical ways,... READ MORE.

"Is this bothering you?" Fox News host Shepard Smith asked his listeners Wednesday afternoon before bringing his show to a stand still to investigate a strange noise coming from inside his studio. "It's bothering me," Smith continued as he started walking through the studio, which is on the... READ MORE.
MSNBC Anchor Asks Donald Trump Slick Trick Question — See How He Answers
During a town hall event with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump Wednesday evening, MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski caught the billionaire in the middle of a trick question, and it got a little awkward. Brzezinski told Trump that she was going to describe a candidate, and then she wanted... READ MORE.
Watch WH Press Secretary’s Answer When Reporter Asks If He Can ‘Rule Out’ Obama Golfing During Scalia’s Funeral
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday was unable to rule out golfing as the reason President Barack Obama intends to skip Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral this weekend. "The president has said that he is not always as sensitive as he should be on optics," one reporter... READ MORE.

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