Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Pope is a Dope - Pope Francis Creepily Equates Muslim Migration into Europe with the Impregnation of the Biblical Sarah

The man appears to be insane. Against the shocking recent wave of Muslim migrant rapes and sexual assaults--including the anal rape of a 72-year old woman (the convicted perpetrator got 20 months and will not be deported)--creepy is not even the word. A better one would be "obscene."

From a recent interview with Pope Francis in Milan's Corriere Della Sera
Often, Bergoglio uses a Biblical metaphor. He compares the Old Continent to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Sarah was sterile and when she was more than seventy years old, according to the customs of those remote times she gave her slave to her husband so he could father a child on her. But then, miraculously, she succeeded in having one at the age of ninety. "Europe," Francisco loves to repeat, "is like Sarah, who first feared but then smiled secretly." His hope, referring to what he had said, is that Europe will "smile secretly" at the immigrants.*
Without skipping a beat, the Pope then favorably mentioned Konrad Adenauer.

*"Spesso, Bergoglio usa una metafora biblica. Paragona il Vecchio Continente a Sara, la moglie di Abramo. Sara è sterile e quando ormai ha più di settant’anni, secondo gli usi di quei tempi remoti dà in moglie la sua schiava al marito perché partorisca per lei un figlio. Poi, però, miracolosamente, riesce ad averne uno a novant’anni. «L’Europa», ama ripetere Francesco, «è come Sara, che prima si spaventa ma poi sorride di nascosto». La sua speranza, riferisce chi gli ha parlato, è che l’Europa «sorrida di nascosto» agli immigrati" English translation by Diversity Macht Frei via Bare Naked Islam

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