Wednesday, February 17, 2016

'Was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia murdered?'

BJ3: On his show tonight, Lou Dobbs is running a poll.  The question is:
“Should Ted Cruz settle his presidential eligibility once and for all?Responses should be done on Twitter (which we don’t do) to @loudobbsnews to vote.
We’ll send an email to   Maybe there’s a way on his website too.
The question phrasing leaves something to be desired, imho.  Still, there it is.  Please, everyone, try to vote asap.
From: sherzieve.....Another FNC comment about Trump 
Fox News' anti-Trump contributor Jonah Goldberg just compared Trump to Godzilla.  He said 'people think he'll be destroyed when he bites the power cable...but, he only becomes stronger'.  Too funny!

AN ALERT: There is a column going around entitled US Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death |”. When we checked, it was written by a Sorchal Faal, a known hoaxer. Then we received another from a different source; possibly the Faal one was picked up buy the other. Strongly recommend that it be validated before sending on. Your comments?

BJ3: THIS IS A 12 min MUST MUST MUST HEAR...incl. “They threw the fluids out” and ”There s no media down here”.

BJ3: This seemed a related place for this column.
Firestorm of theories in wake of Scalia's death...Poisoning is 'a good way to kill people without getting caught'
BJ3: Yep...and virtually all of our readers, right away, felt at least the same.  A MUST READ.
From: sherzieve     
From: "John Rolls"
Excerpt...As reported early on, suspicion associated with the circumstances of Scalia’s death goes on to build, with a poll showing 79% of over 40,000 respondents trusting there was foul play. 

BJ3: Another MUST READ, professionally confirming what you, our readers, said first.
BJ3: And yet another MUST read. Maybe if a TON of these are written, (“the fair and balanced”, p.u.) FAUX and the others will say it?.....From: sherzieve... 
Those who still don't understand who and what is the Obama creature and what it's/he's capable of are simply not paying attention...From: "John Rolls"
BJ3: So...The NY Post did.  Yep.
From: sherzieve... 
Have to wonder if we'll now hear of some untimely death or deaths of those who saw his body...
From: "John Rolls"

BJ3: So there’s no “beating around the bush” here....

Michael Savage: 'Was Scalia murdered?' Talk-radio giant calls for 'Warren Commission': 'This is serious business'

Michael Savage: We need a 'Warren Commission' (WND) The talk-radio giant called for a probe of Scalia's death ...

BJ3: Another one coming on board...and also a MUST read.
From: Frank P......The Sheeple
The People vs. the Police State: The Struggle for Justice in the Supreme Court
From: L r Dutton   To: ALL of “US”
We need a movement .. let's not let the grass grow under our feet.
A movement to FLOOD, INUNDATE, OVERWHELM staffers in every office of every SECRETARY OF STATE, Lt Governor, Governor, and the NRC with letters demanding that Cruz and Rubio NOT BE ALLOWED on ANY ballot.  The eligibility question of these two thugs would have ended up on Judge Scalia's desk for a decision.  Right?  Well, that avenue has now and forever been removed from the list of options thank you O'Hoo~ha.
TEXAS PRIMARY will be here before we know it:
2016 Texas Election Schedule
The 2016 Texas primaries will be held on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016.
The 2016 Texas General election will be help on Tuesday November 8th, 2016.
If you think this is an option for us all how can we implement it before we suffer any more IOWAN INCIDENTS because CHEATERS will just cheat cheat cheat cheat, CHEAT US ALL!!!
Laus Deo     "Praise Be To God!"

Actor James Woods Just Revealed ‘BEST Solution’ For Scalia’s Replacement –People Are loving It
Leave The Scalia Chair Vacant...By Pat Buchanan.....Republicans should tell the American people that when they vote in November they will be deciding not only the next president, not only which party shall control Cong ress, they will be deciding what kind of Supreme Court their country should have     .
From: Sher Zieve   From: John Rolls
Don’t Just Stand There –Block Obama!
From: Lee S Gliddon Jr   From: Peri Mcmillan   From: Nancy Battle
UN's 10 point plan TO DESTROY AMERICA 10 min.

How stealth fully they moved them in and about.  I'm seeing more head scarfs in Central Market, Fort Worth TX.                                                                          
So it begins here- U.S. city 'overrun' with criminal refugees

BTW, CLOSING NOTE: Unless, I missed it...Nothing about even the possibility or suspicion of foul play re Scalia from Limbaugh or Levin...and many msm-associated others.  We’ll all see.
Oh, and...the issue with the replacement (aside from being impossible to match Scalia): The decision is in The Senate...and that’s where the rinos are...with an edge...rinos not being real republicans but lefties (not libs).

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