Friday, February 12, 2016


Negro Clifford Durand threatened on Twitter to “smash a white b*tch’s computer” on Twitter because of her TRUMP Sticker.

EXCLUSIVE: Cops investigating second anti-white attack in Brooklyn this week: ‘This is for Malcolm X, cracka’

Young Negro Activist Matthew Williams Shot Dead After Months Of Calling For Peace in Chicago

Just what we need a reinforcement of the slave myth - Roots miniseries remake gets intense first trailer

Watch "How To Survive The Holocaust" on YouTube

Wrigley McDonald's Closing March 1, Getting Razed To Make Way For Hotel - Where will the homeless shit and bath in a sink now? 

NEGRO SHAKEDOWN AGAIN - Jackie Robinson Little League Parents Claim ESPN, Little League Used and Abused Their Kids Merkel's gov't defends anti-Polish parade float

GIVING IN T LAWLESS NEGROES - Cleveland Mayor apologizes and withdraws lawsuit demanding Tamir Rice's family pay $500 unpaid ambulance bill after he was fatally shot by police

Masturbating Black inmate Joel Carter says he's unfairly kept in lock-down without lube 

CHICAGO 19th Ward PUBLIC Schools Facing $790,078 in Mid-Year Budget Cuts

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