Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wes Duffy found out driving like an ASSHOLE cost $$$$ - $5,000+ for a recovery & tow a blow to stunned motorist

Does this asswipe think it is cheap for a crane and a tow truck to come out to recovery his car that FLEW off the road???
Joe’s Recovery and Wrecking of Creve Coeur
PEKIN — After veering and tipping off a rural roadway, Wes Duffy felt lucky to walk away from his vehicle.
Then he got the towing bill.
It’s $5,349. And counting.
“This seems like too much,” Duffy says.
He complained on Facebook, triggering an explosive debate over the bill, from Joe’s Recovery and Wrecking of Creve Coeur.
Company President Bruce Pedico, who defends the price of the job, can’t believe the venom of online commenters.
“One called us rapists, and another threatened my wife,” he says. “That’s uncalled for.”
Duffy, 44, of Peoria is a house painter by day and plays with the band Still Shine on weekends. To haul around his instruments — including a drum kit, guitars and mandolin — last year he bought a 2004 Range Rover for $5,000.
After a bar gig with his band in Morton on Saturday night, he stayed overnight at a friend’s home in Pekin. On Sunday morning, he headed back toward Morton to break down the stage from the show. About 1 p.m., he was driving northwest of Pekin, zipping eastbound on Edgewater Avenue near Bartruff Street. Then, two deer dashed in front of Duffy.
The Range Rover clipped the hind of one deer, and Duffy lost control. The vehicle bounded into a shallow ravine and flipped onto its driver’s side, stopping amid a thicket of trees 50 feet from the pavement. Though stunned and shaken, Duffy unclipped his seatbelt and clambered out of the car.
“I am grateful to have survived a near-death experience,” he says.
A Tazewell County sheriff’s deputy rolled up and checked on Duffy. The deputy asked if Duffy wanted him to call a wrecker. With no preference for any towing service, Duffy agreed.

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