Thursday, February 11, 2016

Women popping up dead EVERYWHERE - Cops ID woman found dead in Newark driveway as Manhattan waitress Francine Vincent AND Lauren Jessie Moss, 22, was found dead inside of her silver Volkswagen Jetta in the parking lot of a Walmart in Salinas, California. Authorities believe she had been in the car for three months

The body of a 25-year-old woman found dead Monday in a Newark driveway has been identified as Francine Vincent, a waitress from Manhattan, authorities said Wednesday.

Vincent was found unresponsive in the driveway of a S. 20th St. residence shortly after 9 p.m., said Katherine Carter, an Essex County prosecutor’s office spokeswoman.

Carter said Vincent’s death has not been ruled a homicide.

A source said Vincent was waitressing at a Midtown bar on Sunday during the Super Bowl, and went to Times Square after her shift.

It was not clear how she ended up dead in Newark the following day.


A California woman was dead in a Walmart parking lot for three months before someone noticed her corpse, authorities said.

Lauren Jessie Moss, 22, was reported missing since November, when she was last seen leaving a rehab center, KSBW reported.

It wasn’t until Feb. 3, months later, when a Walmart employee noticed Moss’s dead body in her Volkswagen Jetta in the parking lot. The employee originally approached the car when she noticed it had been in the same spot for several weeks.

The car, covered in dark windows and masked by a sunshade over the dashboard made it difficult for anyone to notice there was a corpse inside, Salinas police said.

Security footage from the Walmart showed that the car had been in the exact same spot since December, the earliest date surveillance had archived.

It was hard to notice there was a dead body in the car because the windows were tinted and there was a sunshade covering the dashboard, police said.

The car had been seen on surveillance footage in the same spot since December.

Her sister told reporters that Moss left a suicide note behind for family, and a drug needle was found in the vehicle.

Police have performed an autopsy, but a cause of death has yet to be determined. Officers suspect the woman’s death was a suicide.

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